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Used, Refurbished Kegs

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Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

This is what we mean by a refurbished keg:

  • All are of European design
  • If there is any body or chime damage, it gets repaired
  • If there is any evidence of valve or spear damage, they get pulled out and repaired/replaced as necessary    
  • Rubber components get replaced as deemed necessary 
  • Any previous embossed chime branding gets knurled out
  • All exteriours get turned on a polisher (removing any previous silk screening, and resulting in a shiny finish)    
  • All kegs are pressure tested
  • Used kegs, therefore, do not get washed, so the purchaser will need to ensure processing through their routine caustic/sanitizer regime

Various sizes (call for pricing & availability)

1 or 2 colour Silk Screen branding MAY be available on used, refurbished kegs.*

(*contact us for details)